What is a Medical Services Organization (MSO) in a Medical Spa?

Medical Services Organizations (MSOs) are independent entities that provide management services to medical spas. They partner with a doctor to create a Management Services Agreement (MSA), which allows the MSO to oversee various aspects of the business, such as branding, marketing, payroll, human resources, accounting and billing. MSOs are the vehicle by which laymen can participate in a medical spa in states where the corporate practice of medicine is observed. Beyond legal considerations, there are many benefits to setting up an MSO.

It allows non-medical professionals to participate in the medical spa industry, and it helps to promote investor interest. An MSO also helps to prevent liability issues from overflowing into any of the doctor's other medical activities. Compliance with the rules governing medical spas and the obligations of licensed professionals and the medical director is essential. If a doctor experienced in performing all procedures actually performs them, the medical spa is more likely to comply with state law.

In conclusion, an MSO is an important part of setting up a successful medical spa. It allows non-medical professionals to participate in the industry while ensuring that all medical decisions are made by a licensed physician.

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